January 7, 2011

Tip of the Day: Sticky Tack for your Wacky Knick Knacks

Instead of using sticky tack to hang unframed pieces, use it to secure your picture frames to the wall so they don’t move!

This is one of my favorite tricks; I keep this stuff on hand at all times because I love having picture frames on the walls! Plus this will help you keep your sanity especially if you, like I, love to hang multiple frames in different configurations.

I will admit, I do go through other people’s homes straightening their crooked hanging frames. Use this tip and I won’t have to do that the next time I stop by! :)
How To:
AFTER hanging your frame, take a chunk of sticky tack, and roll it into a Lemonhead sized ball. (You may have to buy a box of Lemonheads just to "get the size right". Yumm.)

The size you need will really vary on the size of the frame you are securing, but use your best judgment. More is better than less. You need enough for it to squish (that’s a technical term) onto the back of the frame, and then squish into the wall enough to hold.

Only attach sticky tack to the BOTTOM corners of your frame.

So simple & quick! And there you have it… perfectly straight frames all the time, no matter who is running through the halls, jumping up and down, or blaring their bass loud enough to shake your walls!
~ Stephanie Alicia

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