March 22, 2011

Dress a Wall on Less


Since it physically hurts me to leave a wall blank, I am inclined to decorate most walls in my house. This can get expensive when you have a tiny budget, so I am always looking for ways to decorate using what I have, or using supplies that don’t cost much.

Sometimes it’s just easier on me and my wallet to make art on the cheap that will make my house homey, rather than buying a piece made by someone else. Especially when you have a color scheme that may be hard to match, this is a fabulous option to get a piece of art that will really work in your room.

This is a very simple solution that brings in a lot of color and visual interest for about a half hour of your time and maybe $30 at max!

*This is the perfect project for the kiddies to get involved in!  Have them pick out papers they like, and make a piece for their room or playroom!*

Supplies Needed: 
12 x 12 Canvas
12 x 12 Papers
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Paper Plate
30 mins. – 1 hour of your precious time

Canvas - Get as many as you want. Groups or 2, 3, or 4 usually work best depending on your space.  You can hang them vertically, horizontally, or in a square formation.  12 x 12 canvases are usually a little more expensive, but I love the way they look.  You can always use a 8 x 10, or make sure to get them on sale or with a coupon! You DO NOT need the extra thick canvas for this project (it costs a lot more) unless you really love the look of it.

Paper – Obviously if you end up with 8 x 10 canvases, you will need to get different sized paper or cut down the paper you have. Just make sure to cut straight lines to avoid anyone asking if your 5 year old did this as an art project (unless your 5 year old actually did do this as an art project!  Then it's okay.).

Mod Podge – You do not need to use this particular brand if you like something else. You can find several sealer/glue/finishes at your local craft store.

Sponge Brush – I have found that a sponge brush works best with this glue. I also like the smaller brushes too, the larger ones seem to make more of a mess than anything.

Paper Plate – Use as your “palette” to hold the Mod Podge glue.

Below is a quick “How To” guide for putting together your wall art!

Easy enough, right!?

Hanging Canvas - There's nothing special about hanging a canvas.  You don't need an actual "hanger" on the back because there is a ledge made when the canvas is stretched that is the perfect place for a couple nails to sit!  I always use two nails when hanging a canvas, so it stays straight and doesn't slide all around.  Check out my Tip of the Day for more tips on hanging wall art!

Get creative, have fun, and share your creations with me!  I'd love to see what you come up with!

~ Stephanie Alicia

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