April 14, 2011

Me & My Black Thumb

I've always been fairly certain I have a black thumb... since I kill plants quite frequently... on accident of course!

I mean, I've killed Spider Plants, which according to my father are nearly impossible to slaughter.  And I can't keep a Bamboo plant alive to save my life.

Will it save my life?  Or at least give me some luck?  I could use the luck.  And isn't Bamboo supposed to be some kind of magical plant?  Or at least Feng Shui-ingly special?  I hope this history of murdering Bamboo hasn't hurt my luck forever! 

Anyway... this year I decided to do the impossible and grow some herbs.  And low and behold... they are actually sprouting!  I walked in my sunroom today to find this:

Okay, now maybe it's the sun and soil and water that are actually helping these little ones to sprout, but I'd like to think it was my tender love and care which helped them the most.  I'm delusional... obviously.

So now I want to try to grow a garden this year too, since I finally have my own backyard (that will be all sorts of hilarity, I'm sure!)... so this gives me hope that I won't murder the poor baby cukes, tomatoes, and peppers.

So... within a few weeks I've got the beginnings of Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley.  I'll fill you in when they've "matured" and I'm ready to eat them.

Welcome Spring and the hope of new growth!!!!

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