May 17, 2010

Fall Cuddles Bring Summer Bundles!

Don't forget to think outside the toy box! I just love to create versatile pieces that can be used in a multitude of ways. Hatch Boutique's pieces are designed to grow with your child so you don't have to buy new decor when your little one grows out of the "Dora" stage. So don't just look at these pieces as decor for your nursery... there are plenty more ways to use them...

After a chilly Fall and Winter, it's obvious why this time of year always ends up becoming baby shower season! Hatch Boutique has several pieces perfect for baby shower gifts, but we also have pieces that would make for adorable decor at your baby shower! One of my favorite sweet little items is the Frilly Flower Shower Set (Tea Party set shown).

This set of three wooden decorated flowers is adorable for any room... but how fantastic would it be as the centerpiece for your baby shower!? Not only will these unique centerpieces match the new baby's nursery, but they would be the perfect gift for the guest who made the most words out of "DIAPER" or who's toilet paper measurement came closest to new mom's belly measurement!

Frilly Flower Shower Sets are part of all of Hatch Boutique's 7 collections. Get them to match any piece you buy for your nursery through Hatch Boutique!

~ Stephanie Alicia

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