December 3, 2010


It has taken me well over a year to truly “start” this blog… and the reason is this:

I’m a little frightened you won’t “like” all of me.

“Why, what do you mean?” You ask.

Well, this blog is associated with my décor and photography business, Hatch Boutique… which is focused on children & family. So I kept thinking I should have one blog solely for Hatch, and then if I really want another one to be “me” on, I can start a second blog not associated with my business.

That makes sense, right? I mean I’ve been a teacher, so I’m used to trying to look like I’m “perfect” in other people’s eyes when I know I’m not. So this is the same thing, right? I’m supposed to look like the “perfect” little business owner who’s creative and funny and doesn’t get mad or talk about “serious” issues ever.

Well… I’m getting pretty sick of going back and forth, and asking people what I should do and what’s “right” or “wrong” or what would be “good” for business or “bad”.

So I finally decided that this blog is going to encompass ME! All of it!

The creativity, the sarcasm, the little temper tantrums, the inconsistencies in trains of thought, the frustration, the hypocrisy that is life, and the hysterical.

All 875,000 different aspects of me wrapped up in a dirty, awkwardly shaped box with torn corners and no bottom.

This business is my “baby” of sorts. So with that DNA, it’s bound to take after me, right? Well I don’t think I should hide from it if it does.

I’m still not sure anyone will want to read a blog about decorating and craft making interspersed with opinions on life and other sorted thoughts going through this crazy woman’s head.

But here’s to hoping someone finds something useful or funny or thoughtful from even one blog.

And we’re off! Hold on to your socks! I’m a rollercoaster ride! Come on along!

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