May 23, 2011

A Day at the Park

It was the perfect Spring day to photograph this loving family!  Not only gorgeous, but such a lively and fun group, no background was really needed.  We had a fabulous time at the park, and I think it shows!

Marnie & Allie are two of the happiest, most adorable little girls I have ever had the pleasure of photographing!  Marnie started off the shoot by holding my hand, while Allie was determined to get me to hold her so she could "check me out".  All in all, a wonderful time at the park with photos to match!


  1. Stephanie MalachowskiMay 24, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    Hi! I'm friends with your sister from her days at CF. I love your blog, your photography and your art! You are very talented!

  2. Thank you Stephanie!!! :) Always a great thing to hear and very appreciated!!!

  3. Stephanie,

    The pictures came out beautiful! You do some real amazing work and are very talented. We need to get in touch so we can figure out how to order. Thank you again so very much.

    Josh and Jodie Jacobs

  4. Hey!
    Its Tori!!!!!!!!!
    Love you website and blog.
    Going into my third year of high school. (scared).
    But I was thinking about how you would always bring in you craft work and show me and my mom at Abilities Center, or when I came to the art fair with you and we had the funnest tent. Plus every time I went and maid your logo in front of the tent, the rain would come and wash it way. HAHA good times.
    I miss that stuff! :(
    So anyway I was thinking of all that, and then when I went to your website you had three.
    Hope to see or talk to you soon!