September 17, 2011

Black, White & Yellow Nursery Decor

I'm not exactly sure what it is about this color scheme, but I absolutely love it!  

It's a great, neutral but still fun color scheme if you aren't sure of the sex of the baby, or don't want something in the pink or blue realm.

The Hatch Boutique Melody Collection is a mainly black & white collection with five different accent colors to choose from.  The Birdhouse Bank in "Rockin' Yellow" is shown below.

This particular collection has a slight "bird" theme to it as well.  Enjoy! 

So... what do you think!?

Do you have a nursery or child's room with these colors?  If so, how do you and your child like it?  Where did you find your decor items?  Would you like to share a picture of your room?

 ~ Stephanie Alicia

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Where to Find it:
Yellow Chest:  Couldn't find the company that makes this, but you can buy any curvy dresser and spray paint it a bright yellow! 
Crane Mobile:  Etsy,  Spare Bedroom Studio, 
Dr. Seuss Quote Print:  Etsy,
Birdhouse Piggy Bank:  Hatch Boutique, Melody Collection,

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