September 17, 2011

Orange, Lime Green & Brown Nursery Decor

A few months ago, Hatch Boutique was asked to make custom picture frames to match a baby shower invitation with an orange, lime green and brown color scheme.  

Since I obviously like that color scheme (Hatch Boutique's main logo colors are orange and lime green), I naturally was curious about what a nursery might look like in those colors!

So... I searched the internet to found out... and here's what I came up with! 

So... what do you think!?

Do you have a nursery or child's room with these colors?  If so, how do you and your child like it?  Where did you find your decor items?  Would you like to share a picture of your room?

 ~ Stephanie Alicia

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Where to Find it:
Glider:  Luca Glider by Monte
Orange Pillow & Lime Pillow:  Olli & Lime,
Zebra Pillow: 
Giraffe Stuffed Animal:   Etsy, 
Bedding: Olli & Lime,
Picture Frames:  Hatch Boutique, 
Moose Pic:  Olli & Lime,
Lime Baskets:  Habasco,
Mobile: Carousal Designs,
Light:  In Tots,

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